GoTenerife Tenerife Apartment Inventory







Wide Screen Television

DVD Player

Video Recorder

Radio/Cassette/CD Player

Coffee Table

Sofa Bed

Arm Chair

Table Lamp



5 x cushions

Selection of videos (42)

Selection of children’s DVDs (20-30)

Selection of soft back books

Ceiling Fan/Light

Conference Folder

Visitors Book

2 x Tile Pictures

6 Tile Picture – Ship

Green Framed Picture – Duck

Green Vase

7 x Glass drip mats

Bowl on Coffee Table


Dining Area

Dining Table – round

Table Cloths

6 x Dining Table Chairs

2 Drawer Cabinet

Green Vase

Large Picture



Patio Downstairs

Round White Table

4 x White Chairs

Sun Lounger

Small BBQ

Clothes Dryer



Washing Machine



Chopping Board

5 Piece Blue Utensil Rack

Kitchen Roll Stand

Picture – Boy & Dog

6 x Wine Glasses

6 x Glass Tumblers

4 x Large Glasses

4 x Pint Glasses

Large Glass Jug

Chrome Coffee Pot

Chrome Tea Pot

Chrome Milk Jug

Stainless Steel Kettle

Stainless Steel Roasting Plate

Small Glass – Yellow Stripe

6 x White Cups

6 x Soup Dishes

6 x Egg Cups

6 x Beakers

2 x Small Plastic Cups

10 x Large Plates

6 x Desert Plates

4 x Large Soup Dishes

1 x Small Side Plate

Large Pyrex Bowl

Small Pyrex Bowl

Large Frying Pan

Small Frying Pan

12 x Spoons

8 x Knives

8 x Forks

2 x Plastic Forks

15 x Teaspoons

Kitchen (cont.)

4 x Carving Knives


2 x Bottle Opener

Potato Peeler

3 x Wooden Spoons

Balloon Whisk


Various Spices & Herbs

Cocktail Mixer

Cocktail Sticks

4 Egg Poacher with Lid

Large Roasting Tin

Casserole Dish with Lid

Large Pan and Lid

Small Pan and Lid

Small Milk Pan

Small Chrome Sugar Dish and Lid

Spare Bulbs

2 x Irons

Yard Brush

Small Brush and Shovel

4 x Tea Towels

Spare Toaster


Master Bedroom

King Size Bed

Large 4 Drawer Dressing Table


Half Mesh Door

2 x Lounger Cushions

2 x Pillows

2 x Bedside Lamps

2 x 3 Drawer Bedside Tables

Ceiling Fan/Light


Coat Hangers

Built in Wardrobe & Cupboards

En-Suite Bathroom

Bath Mat

Waste Bin

Toilet Brush Set


Chrome & Glass Shelf

Towel Rail

2 x Chrome Shelves


Twin Bedroom

2 x Single Beds

4 Drawer Dressing Table

3 Drawer Bedside Table



Bedside Lamp

2 x Pillows


Ceiling Fan/Light


Coat Hangers

Built in Wardrobe & Cupboards


Small Bathroom

Bath Mat

Waste Bin

Toilet Brush Set

Shower Curtain


Chrome Soap Dish

Chrome Tooth Brush Holder

2 x Freestanding Chrome Shelves

Towel Rail


Patio Upstairs

2 x White Sun Loungers